support student voices

A donation campaign I planned and designed to raise funds for the student media outlets at my university. 


Six Media Outlets, One Design

The biggest challenge was figuring out how to create a design that worked for the newspaper as well as the radio station, the satire publication, and the three other media entities that The University of Texas houses. 

To achieve this I created a modular design that could be customized for each entity. However, I kept the colors and style the same across the board. The goal was for each group to feel like they had a design that fully represented them, while maintaining one cohesive aesthetic. 

Modular Design = Customized Merch

Once all the design assets were created, I used them to create customized merchandise for each media outlet. For example, the journalist who wrote for The Daily Texan received a t-shirt that was newspaper themed, while the DJs at KVRX received shirts with radio icons. 


Students were motivated to fundraise for their clubs  with new merch that directly represented their hard work.