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space race

A social board game to see which team has a great connection and which team is lightyears apart. 


Connect your intergalactic path to your partner's so you can meet before the opposing extraterrestrials do!

How to Play

Correctly answer questions about your teammate to collect tiles. Then use those tiles to create a path between your aliens across the universe (ie the board). The first team to connect their paths wins!

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Question Cards

Easy questions for acquaintances, harder questions for besties.  

Answer Boards

Write your answer to the multiple choice question and compare with your teammate.


Collect tiles to place on the board in order to create a path to your teammate.


Make your way across outer space using tiles placed on the Space Race board.

The freakin' adorable illustrations were done by my amazing partner,

 Tika Appaiah.

If you love them as much as I do, please go check her stuff out!