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my role

research, ideation, wire-framing, prototyping

6 weeks | group project | product design, ux/ui design

The ask

Find and disrupt a market with clearly established industry leaders.

The opportunity

We found a unique opportunity in gas stations and convenience stores. Convenience stores are estimated to equate to nearly eleven percent of total retail and food service, but are often grimy, disheveled, and outdated.

The solution

Introducing Refuel: putting the 'convenience' in gas station convenience store, 

by creating an interactive at-the-pump experience.



the road to refuel


From studies we found and the interviews we conducted, we discovered that people were most interested in a convenient experience and quality food selection. Additionally, most convenient stores are seen as generic, cluttered, and grimy.



Almost 50% of consumers

reported that the ability to be in and out quickly was a  top

determining factor in their choice of convenience store.


“If [convenience stores] don’t evolve at least a little bit, there is a risk that they could be left behind as the rest of the retail industry evolves.”

-Jennifer Bartashus (Retail Analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence)

the primary refueler

User Profile


Kelly the Commuter

She is an average American rural commuter beginning her career.

  • For breakfast she always orders a medium black coffee with an extra shot of espresso

  • "Grab-and-go" go-getter

  • Adheres to routine

  • Usually on a time crunch

  • Productive lifestyle, higher quality standards for food and convenience.


the big idea

refuel station cartoon2.png


How do you make convenience stores even more convenient?


What if you never had to leave your pump? 

Refuel Pump Reflected.png


Refuel is a fully touch screen pump that sends anything you order right to you. No more walking into sketchy convenience stores. Pump your gas then hang out in your car and Refuel will send you what you need. 

But really, how?

While this may seem like a weird new idea that requires all sorts of new-fangled technology, we thought the most convenient solution is one that has been around for decades. The good ‘ol bank vacuum tube. This mechanism gets you what you need quickly without ever leaving the comfort and safety of your car.

the interface

UI/UX Design

How do you design a touch screen for something that has looks the same as it did the 90's?

We took influence from the traditional gas station set up and existing mobile/web layouts from industries such as grocery stores and other retail systems.

Take a peak at the style guide

Take a look as we walk you through Kelly The Commuter's trip to Refuel.


Kelly rolls up to her pump and approaches the touch-screen to start her order.  The height of the center of the Refuel screens adjusts depending on where Kelly taps on the screen, in order to ensure accessibility. 

Kelly now is presented with the Refuel home screen, which seems structurally familiar to a traditional gas pump she's used to. So she knows exactly how to choose regular gas and where to see the the amount and cost of gas as it's being pumped. 

Refuel Location Screens_Artboard 4.png
Refuel Location Screens_Artboard 5.png

Now that Kelly has begun pumping gas and is waiting for her tank to fill, she has the ability to browse her usual breakfast options. By doing this, she eliminates the time it would take for to her walk inside and wait in line.

This organized digital shelf allows Kelly to pick out exactly what she wants without having to search through countless cluttered aisles. She quickly selects her items and hits send.

We conducted a card sort to determine product organization.

View the results here.

Refuel Location Screens_Artboard 7.png
RefuelLocationScreens_Artboard 7

Kelly’s order is now prepared and sent through a vacuum tube directly to her pump. With her coffee in hand and tank now filled, she can continue her commute with time to spare.

the destination


Refuel adds convenience, safety, and comfort to the gas station / convenience store experience. The current models are in desperate need of an update, so we’ve created a totally tubular disrupter to the stale convenience store industry.


the drivers


I couldn't have done this project without my amazing teammates. If you like our work, please take a look at their sites as well.

Need a badass UX Researcher and Strategist?

Love the UI and the adorable graphics?

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