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Godiva Brand Refresh

4 weeks | group project | packaging design, retail design, experience design

my role

ideation, retail design, experiential design, 3D rendering



In an attempt to be as prominent as mainstream chocolate brands, Godiva has spread themselves too thin in the mass market, causing their brand perception to cheapen over the years. 

Reclaim Godiva’s luxury status by creating a chocolate experience that demonstrates the brand's refined products and service.

To elevate the brand, we have redesigned Godiva’s in-store experience and developed

an exclusive pop-up activation.



In-Store Experience



For the Godiva store design we reduced much of the clutter in order to better highlight the products. We created a much more minimal, jewelry-store-style display to encourage visitors to take their time observing the chocolates. We also added elegant seating area for customers to sit and enjoy their chocolates in comfort.



For the new packaging we introduced higher quality materials and minimalist design. We kept the signature Godiva gold, but used it as an accent color instead of a primary color to create a more modern look of luxury. We designed the packaging to make the product feel like a treasure to unwrap instead of a last-minute generic gift.

Pop-Up Speakeasy

To elevate brand perception, we designed an exclusive, intimate experience for Godiva that celebrates the store's origins in 1926, at the height of Prohibition.

The key to the speakeasy is acquired at the Godiva store itself. When customers do a chocolate tasting they receive a coin with the image of Lady Godiva and an address. 

The address on the coin takes visitors to a Lady Godiva inspired art gallery. At the back of the gallery is an oversized painting of Lady Godiva herself. Next to the painting is a slot for patrons to insert their coin, which causes the painting to open as a door to the Speakeasy.

We redesigned the Godiva store experience by adding a more modern style of luxury to each of the touch-points.

The Lady Godiva speakeasy is dark and swanky with lavish detailing from top to bottom. The menu is filled with chocolate cocktails as well as a wine and chocolate truffle pairing. 

After customers place their order through a 1920s style phone, they will be served by a chocolate sommelier who is there to tell them all about the chocolate flavors they have ordered. Additionally, the bar has a wall of taps that serve a variety of molten chocolate flavors for a night of fondue. Finally, when customers are ready to go they can have their leftover chocolates wrapped up in a wooden box with a lock and key so Lady Godiva can be their best kept secret.

Michelle Lee - Strategist


Camille Walker - Art Director

Bonni Dinerstein - Strategist

Kelley Barrett - Copy Writer